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How ‘Frasier’ Is Nothing Like Radio

Firstly, let’s get this straight - I love Frasier. So much in fact that I’ve probably watched each and every one of the 264 episodes at least six times. I also love radio, having spent most of my childhood sitting alone in my bedroom pretending to be a DJ, and now being lucky enough to work in radio for a living. But despite all this, let me be clear - real radio is NOTHING like Frasier, for the following reasons ...

1) When he casually rocks up for his show with seconds to go.

2) When he needs a stand-in so just asks his brother. (P.S. - this won't be happening, William).

3) When he’s asked to make his own jingle (seriously - they can afford to pay him enough to live in THAT apartment but they can’t afford their own jingles?)

4) When he then makes his jingle with an orchestra bigger than Steve Wright’s.

5) When his psychiatric show is followed directly by a high-octane sports show. I’d like to see the cross-over audience between those two programmes!

6) When he finds out after years of broadcasting that he’s been pressing the echo button not the cough button, hence his trademark “echo-y cough”.

7) When his means of getting a pay-rise is for his agent to stage a suicide attempt. (Please don't try this at the BBC.)

8) When his producer Roz has to tell him his show has already finished, presumably meaning he ended his programme mid-sentence?

9) When he regularly starts his show with a ten second intro and then goes straight to the ads.

10) When he is given his own segment about wine - because that just has RAJAR gold written all over it!

11) When he goes on a date with the station manager’s wife and doesn’t get fired.

12) When he reveals he has a cassette copy of his every show. (Ok, this is maybe
vaguely believable in some cases).

13) When the travel presenter reports from a helicopter instead of from a tiny back studio.

14) When you win THAT MANY AWARDS (admittedly it’s just the SeaBees).